In recent cloud-related news, Microsoft unveiled new Azure Machine Learning courses and scholarships on Udacity. The tech giant also signed a five-year deal with John Hopkins Medicine last week, centered around the utilization of Azure.

Today, Microsoft has announced that the Rules Engine for Azure Front Door (AFD) and Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) has been made generally available. The capability first became available in preview for both services back in May.

The Rules Engine essentially provides new rules to offer more control and customization over the content being made available to users, and other scenarios. For Azure Front Door, in particular, HTTP request-handling can be specified at the Edge. In the preview stage, lower rule limits were provided. However, following feedback, Microsoft has increased the rule limits to allow up to 25 rules per configuration, for a total of 10 configurations. This means that 250 rules can be created across AFD, without any additional charges.

CDN limits have been similarly updated. Users were previously allowed to set five rules at no extra cost. Now, additional rules can be purchased as well, on top of the limit of five free ones already being available. Moreover, match conditions within each rule can now be set up to 10, alongside five actions per rule.

You can learn more about the Rules Engine for AFD here, while the CDN Rules Engine documentation can be found here.