The Surface Headphones currently on the market are about a year and a half old, so it seems that it's time for a refresh. According to new Bluetooth SIG and FCC filings (spotted by 91 Mobiles), the Surface Headphones 2 are just about ready to go.

According to the filing, the new Surface Headphones will get better battery life, promising up to 20 hours on a charge (current Surface Headphones are up to 18 hours). Interestingly, it also says that there's a dial that lets you adjust between three different noise cancelation settings.

The current Surface Headphones have 13 levels of noise cancelation, so having just three would be a step back. It's possible, of course, that Microsoft is looking at how current Surface Headphones users are using the product, and seeing that most people only use three settings.

Meanwhile, Surface fans are still waiting for the Surface Earbuds that were announced in October. All of this news is expected to be unveiled in May, when Microsoft will likely also launch the Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 at a virtual event.