Calibre is an open source e-book library management application that enables you to manage your e-book collection, convert e-books between different formats, synchronize with popular e-book reader devices, and read your e-books with the included viewer.

It acts as an e-library and also allows for format conversion, news feeds to e-book conversion, as well as e-book reader sync features and an integrated e-book viewer.

Calibre's features include: library management; format conversion (all major ebook formats); syncing to e-book reader devices; fetching news from the Web and converting it into ebook form; viewing many different e-book formats, giving you access to your book collection over the internet using just a browser.

Calibre 5.8.0 new features:

  • Happy holidays to all calibre users!

  • E-book Viewer: Add a mode to follow links with only the keyboard (triggered by Alt+f)

  • Edit book: A new option to show a configurable number lines above the current line when syncing the position of the preview panel to the current position in the code editor (under Preview settings in the Editor preferences). Closes tickets: 1908929

  • Windows: Automatically resolve shortcuts (.lnk files) when adding books to calibre. Closes tickets: 1907410

  • Content server viewer: Don't enter fullscreen mode automatically when reading on desktop like devices (this can be controlled via a setting in in the viewer preferences under Page layout)

  • E-book Viewer tool bar: Add a select all action and a Read aloud action (can be added by right clicking the tool bar and configuring it)

  • Template/formatter enhancements: Add a 'for' statement and add the ability for a developer to pass extra information to a template.

  • Rules editors for icon/coloring rules: Add a button to duplicate rules and to convert a rule to advanced template mode. Closes tickets: 1907919, 1907918

Bug fixes:

  • Content server viewer: Fix regression in 5.0 that broke scrolling on iOS

  • E-book viewer: Fix error when scrolling to some search results in flow mode. Closes tickets: 1908000

  • AZW3 Input: Fix rare AID based links not working. Closes tickets: 1898394

  • E-book viewer: Fix clock in header/footer not using system time format. Closes tickets: 1907907

  • Windows: Fix Read aloud not working with books that have a single large internal text file, such as MOBI or DOCX books

  • PDF Output: Fix a regression causing conversion to fail when typesetting Chinese text

  • Amazon metadata download: Fix no results being found when using the auto or google server because of a change in the markup of the Google search results page.

New news sources

  • SchwarzerPfeil by tastytea
  • Substack by topynate

Improved news sources:

  • The Australian

  • The Atlantic

  • Zerohedge

  • New York Times Book Review

Download: Calibre 5.8.0 for Windows | Portable | Windows 64-bit | ~100.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Calibre 5.8.0 for MacOS | 144.0 MB
Download: Calibre 5.8.0 for Linux
View: Calibre Home Page | Calibre Screenshot