Delete Account Picture History in Windows 10  

How to Delete Recent Account Picture History in Windows 10

You can choose an account picture in Windows 10 to be associated with your user account (local and Microsoft) that you will see whenever you sign in to your PC and on your Start menu. You can use one of your own favorite photos for an account picture, or use an app to create or edit one. And if you have a webcam, you can take a picture or create a video clip.

If you sign in to Windows with a Microsoft account, then your account picture will sync by default to all PCs, devices, and Microsoft services that you sign in to with the same Microsoft account. Plus, your friends and family will see it wherever they have you listed as a contact.

In your account picture settings, you will see your current account picture as the larger one, and up to two recently used pictures to the right of the current account picture.

This tutorial will show you how to delete the recently used account pictures history for your account in Windows 10.

EXAMPLE: Your account picture settings

Here’s How:

1. Open File Explorer, copy and paste the folder location below into the address bar, and press Enter.
2. Delete any recently used account picture you want. None of these are your current account picture. (see screenshot below)

3. If you delete all of them, then it will clear the two recent pictures to the right of your current account picture in Settings. (see screenshot below)

That’s it,

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