After months of having Holiday 2021 attached to Halo Infinite as a launch window, today during gamescom: Opening Night Live, Microsoft and 343 Industries finally announced the official launch date for the highly anticipated shooter. Halo Infinite releases on December 8, 2021, confirming the previous leak. A look at the first season of multiplayer was also given a cinematic intro, see it above.

The December release date gives Halo Infinite some breathing room from the other massive FPS games launching later this year: Battlefield 2042 in October and Call of Duty: Vanguard in November.

At launch, the shooter will include the campaign and the free-to-play multiplayer offering, with both being available across Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One console families as well as PC (Windows 10 and Steam).

While a launch date is finally attached to the game, some bad news did arrive last week, where it was confirmed the campaign will not include cooperative play support at launch, something that's been a staple for the series. In addition, the Forge level editor will also be a post-launch addition to the multiplayer side of things.