Windows 11 screenshots

I managed to install Windows 11 build 21996.1, inside a virtual machine thanks to a kind fellow journalist linking me to the leaked ISO, it took around five minutes. The out of box experience is pleasant with light colors used and not the harsh dark blue and blacks we were used to with Windows 8 and 10, well I will let the images speak for themselves in the gallery below.

Gallery: Windows 11 leak

1623778884_snag-0003.jpg 1623778885_snag-0004.jpg 1623778887_snag-0005.jpg 1623778889_snag-0006.jpg 1623778891_snag-0007.jpg 1623778893_snag-0008.jpg 1623778895_snag-0009.jpg 1623778897_snag-0011.jpg 1623778900_snag-0012.jpg 1623778902_snag-0013.jpg 1623778904_snag-0014.jpg 1623778906_snag-0015.jpg 1623778908_snag-0016.jpg 1623778910_snag-0017.jpg 1623778913_snag-0018.jpg 1623778915_snag-0019.jpg 1623778918_snag-0022.jpg 1623778920_snag-0023.jpg 1623778922_snag-0024.jpg 1623778925_snag-0025.jpg 1623779165_snag-0026.jpg

I will be updating this article with a few more thoughts in due course.