If you want to add an extra layer of security to your laptop, consider using a built-in fingerprint reader. Your fingerprints are unique to you, making them a secure way to log on to your computer; it’s also significantly easier than memorizing a password. If your laptop has a fingerprint reader built in, you can set up the functionality in Windows Hello.

Here’s how to set up Windows Hello fingerprint logins:

1. Go to Settings > Accounts.

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2. Scroll to Windows Hello and click Set Up in the Fingerprint section.

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If you don’t have a PIN, you’ll need to create one to set up the fingerprint reader.

3. Click Get Started.

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4. Enter your PIN.

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5. Scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.

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You will have to do this multiple times to give the scanner a good picture of your prints.

6. Click Add Another if you want to repeat the process with another finger, or close the program.

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