Microsoft's Surface Duo has gained a low repairability rating from repair site iFixit. The phone's teardown resulted in a repairability score of 2 out of 10.

The Duo, which is available to purchase for a base price of $1,399, "is not something meant to be repaired, maybe not even by Microsoft", iFixit said in a press release. The same conclusion was made for Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 6 two years ago. The latest score is due to the Duo's fragile cables, "sticky glue traps," and hard-to-replace battery.

The other cons based on iFixit's teardown are the USB-C port being soldered to the main board, unconventional tri-point screws, and the "delicate OLED panels" that lack protection from "accidental prying." iFixit noted that recent Surface devices were far easier to repair. However, replacing the Duo's battery "is such a messy afterthought, we’re not sure Microsoft considered it at all," the site noted.

The phone's only pros are its displays and back covers that can be replaced without removing the other components. Interestingly, the teardown revealed that the Duo’s left battery looks similar to a miniature iPad.