Lenovo announced its new ThinkPad X1 laptops way back in January at CES, and they've taken a while to arrive. Interestingly enough, there's really not a lot that's new this year. Part of the reason for that is because Lenovo actually did a mid-stream refresh with the bulk of its ThinkPads last August with Intel 10th-gen processors.

While you'd have a tough time calling Intel Comet Lake processors new, one thing that actually is new is the availability of Comet Lake vPro CPUs. So like we've seen in previous generations, you have a choice between vPro and the less expensive non-vPro.

The aluminum chassis, which made its debut last year, has not changed. That means that the bezels are probably a bit bigger than you were expecting, but it's still a premium build, and it's got the pen garage built into the bottom. There's no Lift and Lock keyboard though, as that's something that was killed off last year.

Other than that, there are a couple of new display options, such as Lenovo's new privacy display, and there are new Unified Communication Keys. Check out the unboxing below: