Microsoft announced today a new update for its To Do app on the web that improves your planning experience. The latest release adds intelligent task suggestions in To Do's My Day list.

The AI-powered task suggestions let you gain access to tasks on your lists that the app deems important to you. To Do will identify these types of tasks based on certain keywords. Items that have deadlines or you've marked as important will be included in these suggestions.

These tasks will show up in the suggestions pane in your My Day view under a new section called "Tasks that seem important". It displays tasks that you can add to your My Day list by clicking on the plus icon. Otherwise, you can remove less urgent tasks from the suggestions section by clicking on the three-dot menu and selecting "This isn't relevant to me".

Up to seven tasks will be suggested in the new section, which will be updated when you add new tasks or edit existing ones. Tasks that are due on the current or next day will appear in the "Later" section while those that are overdue will show up in the "Earlier" section. However, the new section won't include tasks that are assigned to you in Microsoft Planner. Instead, they will appear in To Do’s "Assigned to you" list.

The new feature is available only on To Do's web application in English for now. There's no word on when it will roll out to mobile or desktop.