Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev, and Beta logos placed vertically in rectangles

Microsoft announced today that Math Solver is available as a preview feature on Microsoft Edge in the Canary, Dev, and Beta channel builds. The experimental feature is designed to help students hone their mathematical skills.

Math Solver allows students to take a photo of a math problem and import it to Edge. Microsoft's artificial intelligence will then provide an answer and instructions about how to solve the problem. There's also a mathematical keyboard that students can use to type in their own math problems, along with additional materials including quizzes, worksheets, and video tutorials.

Math Solver on Microsoft Edge 91 in the Canary dev and beta channels

The tool is not something new, though. Earlier this year, Microsoft tested Math Solver for Edge Canary. The functionality and mechanism were quite similar to that of computational software such as WolframAlpha.

If you'd like to give it a try, you can simply head over to the Settings menu at the top right corner of Edge and then click on “More Tools”, under which you can find Math Solver. Its selection tool can be used to highlight an equation and then solve it.

For now, the tool is available in preview form in the Insider channels. That said, Microsoft doesn't give any guarantee that it will make it to a final release and says it's "still exploring the possibility of including the feature permanently in the future." However, it intends to make available the feature as a preview in the stable version of Edge 91 that is expected to release next week.