Microsoft has announced a self-contained datacenter for challenging remote missions to take advantage of cloud computing at the intelligent edge.

Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC) is designed to support high-intensity, secure cloud computing in challenging environments where critical prerequisites like power and building infrastructure are unreliable. These include scenarios like mobile command centers, humanitarian assistance, military mission needs, mineral exploration, and other use cases requiring high intensity, secure computing on Azure.

MDC is essentially a self-contained unit that can be deployed in remote locations or augment existing infrastructure with a field-transportable solution. It can operate in a wide range of climates and harsh conditions in a ruggedized, radio frequency (RF) shielded unit and run on terrestrial fiber, low-bandwidth networks, or be completely disconnected. The announcement is complemented by Azure Space offerings and partnerships that can extend satellite connectivity to field-deployed MDC units.

Last month, Microsoft had shared details of its underwater datacenter research project – Project Natick – for piloting datacenters in extreme environments.

Source: Microsoft