Today, Microsoft is releasing Edge 87 to the Beta channel. It's the latest major update for the browser, and if all goes well, it should arrive in the stable channel in about four weeks.

Microsoft actually hasn't published its proper changelog just yet, although those are always on a delay, for some reason. We can, of course, look at release notes from the various Edge Dev 87 releases for clues as to what's coming in Edge Beta 87.

  • Edge Dev 87.0.634.0
  • Edge Dev 87.0.637.0
  • Edge Dev 87.0.644.4
  • Edge Dev 87.0.654.0
  • Edge Dev 87.0.658.0
  • Edge Dev 87.0.664.8

As usual, there's nothing crazy in the way of new features, but there are a few things. There's a new price comparison feature in Collections, something that was only announced a couple of weeks ago. You'll also find dark mode in sidebar search, the ability to translate selected text, and a lot more.

As usual, you can update your browser manually by going to Settings -> About Microsoft Edge. If you don't do that, your browser will just update automatically at some point. Once proper release notes are live, you'll be able to find them here.