In its What's New in Web Experiences blog post, Microsoft announced some new features that are arriving for its Edge browser starting today. This is all stuff for the stable channel, so if you're an Insider that's been testing features in the Beta, Dev, or Canary channels, this will be pretty familiar to you.

First of all, sidebar search is now generally available. The feature is exactly what it sounds like. You can highlight some text, right-click, and choose to search in the sidebar.

Another new feature coming this month is that you'll be able to see your Outlook emails from the new tab page. To do this, add Outlook to your quick links on the new tab page, and then they'll appear. You do need to be signed into the same account on both Outlook and Edge for this to work.

Next up is history and open tab sync. Basic features that were included in Chrome for years, many were surprised when Edge hit general availability over a year ago without these features. But now, they're here for both mobile and desktop. They actually started rolling out a couple of weeks ago, but everyone should have them starting today.

There's a lot more. Automatic profile switching is coming to macOS, and more importantly, Edge supports themes now. You can get them from the Edge add-ons store, the Chrome store, or any other Chromium theme store. You'll also find Microsoft's new Fluent Design elements that it announced a while back, even if you wouldn't notice them if you weren't specifically looking for them.

Microsoft is introducing sleeping tabs, which is releasing system resources on tabs that you're not using. You'll need to enable this in settings to use it. And finally, Microsoft has a new password generator. It's just what it sounds like, automatically creating secure passwords for you.

All of this is rolling out starting today. It comes as part of Edge 88, which should be available shortly.