Earlier this week, Microsoft released version 6 of Microsoft Launcher for Android for users enrolled in the beta program, promoting it from the separate Microsoft Launcher preview listing. The new version features some redesigned UI elements, and it's the version that's expected to ship with the Surface Duo. Today, a new update is heading out to Microsoft Launcher 6, and it brings back a couple of features from the current general release.

The first change is that the dock at the bottom of the home screen can now have up to three rows for apps. In the general release (version 5.x), Microsoft Launcher can already have three rows in the dock, but it's actually possible to use the third row for quick actions such as turning on the flashlight, mobile data, and more. This is still not possible in the beta version, and you can only use the third row for additional apps.

Another notable change is the return of app folders in the app drawer, another feature that's been part of the general release for some time now. In the preview builds, you could only create folders on the home screen until now. It's also now possible to double tap the screen to lock the home screen, app search has been improved, and some bugs have been fixed.

The update with these new features is available both in the separate Microsoft Launcher Preview listing and the beta program for the regular Microsoft Launcher listing. It's currently unclear if the former listing will continue to get any updates early, or if it will just line up with the beta program from now on.