Today, Microsoft announced the availability of new Xbox Insider Hub and Report a problem apps. First of all, they're now available as a bundle under the name 'Xbox Insider Hub bundle', and when you download it, you'll get both apps. The previous version is now called 'Xbox Insider Hub (Legacy)'.

The Xbox Insider Hub has been mostly redesigned, as there isn't any horizontal scrolling anymore. You'll find Quests and Surveys in the Activities area, and game playtests and system updates are in the Previews area. There are also new Weekly Pulse surveys that you can use to give feedback.

The Report a problem app is exactly what it sounds like, a place where you can report problems; it's a hub of feedback, if you will. You'll now find your most recently played games at the top for easier access. Also, categories and subcategories should load faster.

The new app bundle should be available today through the Microsoft Store. You can download it directly here. It's exclusive to Xbox consoles, as the Windows 10 apps are unchanged.