Microsoft has released another minor bug-fixing update to its PowerToys tool, bumping it up to version 0.19.2. The past few updates have been focused on fixing bugs, including the major version 0.19 update that brought a whole host of fixes. Today’s release notes can be found here.

The company released PowerToys 0.18 back in May during its Build conference, bringing a few major features such as PowerToys Run – formerly called PowerToys Launcher-, a replacement for the Win+R Run command. It also debuted the Keyboard Remapper. Today’s updates contain fixes to the Run and FancyZones feature. The fixes are minor and few.

Here is the full changelog:

  • #4578 – WinKey for launcher throws a lot of false positives
  • #4521 – Improving performance of Adding and Removing Packaged Apps
  • #4694 – FancyZone Windows Snap Behind Top Mounted Windows Task Bar

One of the known issues that persist is the problem that prevents users from opening the tool’s settings when it is closed in a minimized state from the taskbar. The company has promised a fix for that issue in the next major update, version 0.20.

Users can check for updates from the tool’s settings to pull today’s update. Those who want to download the update manually can head to the GitHub release page to download the tool. If you are interested in looking at the open issues and commits made for the fixes, you can head to the issues page here to look at the list.