Microsoft Teams has received a new update on iOS that introduces a slew of fresh features meant to boost productivity and privacy. There are new capabilities as well to let you access call controls more quickly.

The app now prevents message previews from appearing on notifications in order to protect personal data, courtesy of Microsoft Intune. Teams has also added support for caller ID for voicemail messages.

In addition, Teams now supports natural language when you search for messages. It will also suggest the correct spelling of words when you enter search terms that are often misspelled. You will also see call controls like hanging up or muting on the screen all the time during a call. On iPads, Teams will show more options for handling a call.

Here's the update's full changelog:

  • Hide previews on notifications to protect sensitive data (with Intune).
  • Search the way you talk. Natural language support when searching for messages.
  • Spelling suggestions for search terms that might be spelled incorrectly.
  • Caller ID for voicemail messages.
  • Call controls (mute, hang up, etc.) always show on the screen and even more options show on iPad.
  • View spotlighted participants in a meeting.

The updated Teams app is now available to download via the App Store. The latest change bumps up the app version to 2.0.24.