After announcing them in October 2019, Microsoft finally released its Surface Earbuds in May after some delays. As is typical for new Surface products, it got its day one firmware update. But over the weekend, it got its second ever update, bringing the firmware version to

Here's the changelog:

Firmware version Update info Enables an option within the Surface Audio app that allows the ability to turn on or off using the aptX codec. When turned off, Surface Earbuds will use the SBC codec.

The changelog comes from the Surface Earbuds update history page, which probably isn't quite as useful as the other Surface update history pages. But still, it's tradition to list the update history for all of Microsoft products, and so that applies to Surface Earbuds as well.

The way to update your Surface Earbuds is through the Surface Audio app. All you have to do is take the Earbuds out of the charging case to connect, and choose the option to update on Windows 10, iOS, or Android. If you have to update the charging case, however, you need to plug it into a PC.