Yesterday, we learned that a company called Emperion is making a Windows phone. Yes, a Windows phone. Windows 10 Mobile support ended over a month ago, but this device is running full Windows on ARM, using what's described as an overclocked Snapdragon 845 (which could be a Snapdragon 850).

Right out of the gate, the announcement raises questions. Emperion is promising to run Android apps on the device without emulation, without ever saying how this will be done or where the apps will come from. Moreover, Windows on ARM doesn't support a smartphone use case, although the UK company says that it will. Of course, the issue with Windows on ARM support for telephony is that 20H2 will be a cumulative update-style update like 19H2 was, so any new features won't be coming until 21H1, which is over a year off.

We've learned a few details since though, with Richard Hay finding the company's website and product listing, both of which have been shut down in favor of a 'coming soon' message. Emperion also tweeted some product specs back in November, although back then, it was promising an Intel-powered Windows phone.

When the product listing was live, there were a variety of images that showed some UI experiences that didn't quite add up, although it's no surprise that product renders might have mocked up UIs. There was one image with a Windows Phone UI and Windows 10X taskbar, another with Android navigation, and another that seemed to just be running Windows 10 Mobile.

Moreover, the listing would actually let you place an order but with a disclaimer that it's for testing and the orders won't be fulfilled. Apparently, this was due to a bug.

The larger issue is that none of this adds up, and to get a product like this shipping, it would take a lot of work to do the things that Emperion is promising. If pre-orders ever do go live for the Nebulus, you might want to keep to some healthy skepticism before shelling out some hard-earned cash.