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Welcome to episode 18 of the Neowin Podcast, the only bi-weekly podcast that has absolutely never missed a beat since its creation. After returning two weeks ago to talk about fitness tech, episode 18 is focused on one of our favorite hobbies – videogames.

On this episode, Rich and João talk about their memories with videogames and their first consoles, as well as some of their favorite experiences with the medium. As you may know, we've been running a poll to decide which is our community's favorite console of all time, and the first round is almost over, so we take a look at the results so far and which ones are our favorites. We also talk about Nintendo's legacy and how poorly it's being leveraged on the Switch. Oh, and we finally get to know the logic behind João's very weird username.

If you're interested in any of the products mentioned in this show, you can (try to) buy them here:

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  • Xbox Series X ($499.99)

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