Lenovo is working on a new laptop called the Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, which aims to be something new. The laptop leaked via a video from leakster WalkingCat today, and it sure does seem to hype up the product. It starts off by saying, "Whatever you have learned about laptops, unlearn them."

Grammatical issues aside, that's a bold statement to make when introducing a laptop, especially from the mainstream Yoga 7-series. The 9-series is the one that's reserved for premium. But the Yoga 7i Carbon promises to be "strikingly white", "made of unyielding carbon", "ultra-light", "uncompromisingly durable", "sleek", and "with unmatched performance".

Add to all of those phrases some dramatic background music and a breathy British voice, and you've got the leaked teaser video for the product, which is an almost over-the-top level of dramatic.

There's nothing else that we know about the Yoga Slim 7i Yoga though. It's white, and it's super light because it's made out of carbon fiber. Also, it presumably uses Intel processors, based on the 'i' in the name. Other than that, we'll just have to wait until this product is actually announced before we find out just how light it is, and what makes it so different from everything we think we know about laptops.