OnePlus launched the IDEAS initiative in March to gather customer feedback on ideas and feature suggestions for OxygenOS. The OS product team would look at the suggestions and eventually pick five most popular features to include in the OS. The company has now announced that the beta initiative has come to an end and that it has adopted five features to be included in the roadmap to make it to the OS.

The five features include:

  1. Always on Display – development to be finished around June, CBT/OBT coming in Aug/Sep [subject to changes, there are various factors working]
  2. Enable fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in gallery – included in the roadmap
  3. Play sound when the battery is fully charged – included in the roadmap
  4. Folders within the app drawer -included in the roadmap
  5. Adding more essential features to Zen Mode – included in the roadmap

The company says that it has been evaluating the implementation of the Always On Display feature for some time now. While power consumption was an aspect of concern initially, the company says that the idea has now passed power consumption tests and is on track to be implemented post some fine-tuning. This feature would be a welcome addition for OnePlus users.

Additionally, the company has also listed a few features that it has not adopted, along with reasons for the exclusion. These include features such as darker blacks in dark mode to improve battery life. Interestingly, in the response to the reason to exclude this feature, a member of the company added that it is “currently revamping our visual language on the upcoming OxygenOS version and will re-consider the dark mode interface altogether”

Here are the features that have not been adopted:

  1. Edge notification light
  2. OnePlus Dex
  3. Call recording
  4. Google message for the stock SMS/RCS app
  5. Study mode
  6. API support for Gcam
  7. Improve the adaptive brightness
  8. Custom fingerprint animations
  9. Real-time weather wallpaper
  10. Real One Hand Mode
  11. AMOLED dark
  12. Boost capabilities of the alert slider
  13. An option to set battery charging limit to 80%
  14. Variable charging speed
  15. Allow users to choose which stock apps to install during set-up

OnePlus says that through the IDEAS initiative, it has received 5,000 ideas, 25,000 likes, and close to 2,000 comments. It plans to bring back a revamped initiative sometime in the summer of this year. The company adds that it will invite winners of the Adopted Ideas award to join the development process on the idea, including helping to lock down on requirements, from prototype to verification.