If you've ever looked for web browsers in the Microsoft Store, you've probably come up short on finding anything at all. That's because according to Microsoft Store policy, any third-party browser needs to have the same rendering engine as its own Edge. But now, Edge runs on Chromium, which opens up the Store to a wide array of browsers.

One of those is Chromium itself, which has now appeared on the Store, as spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia.

Chromium is an open source project that's managed by Google, but to be clear, this isn't being published by any big brand. It's published by a developer called Store Ports, who seemingly ran the browser through the Desktop App Converter and threw it up on the Store. The developer does have 10 other apps on the Store, some of which are also ports, and some aren't. One app is labeled as 'Universal (UWP) File Explorer', but the app description says that it's just a shortcut to the app that's hidden in Windows 10.

If you want to check out Chromium on the Microsoft Store, you can find it here. It's unclear how often the browser will be updated.