This is an image of the Xbox Series X storage card

It's no secret that Xbox Series X|S games are massive, and the built-in 1TB or 500GB solid-state drives fill up quite quickly if you have titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War installed. The game requires 136 GB on Xbox Series X|S and otherss like Marvel's Avengers are similar. In order to install more games, you need to purchase a Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

If you install Xbox Series X|S Optimized games on a traditional external hard drive, or another external solid-state drive that is readily available on the market, the console prompts you to transfer it to Internal Storage. In order to maintain performance, Xbox Series X|S need the speed provided by the built-in solid-state drive or the Storage Expansion Card.

Right now, there's only one 1TB Storage Expansion Card on the market that costs $219.99. However, that may be about to change. According to a report by, two French retailers — Innelec and Micromania — have listings for a 500GB Seagate model that may cost $149.99. This should give Xbox Series X|S owners a slightly more affordable option to increase storage space.

Keep in mind that these listings could've been made in error. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.