PrivateWin10 is an advanced privacy tool for Windows. It provides a simple and comprehensive UI for tweaking privacy settings, as well as options to block system access to files and registry keys in order to enforce privacy whenever Windows does not provide a satisfying setting for that.

To solve privacy issues with other software the tool includes a powerful custom firewall frontend for the Windows built in firewall.

Release notes:

This build reworks the Firewall UI concept a lot, now priv10 provides the ability to switch between a modern simple program list and a more advanced tree. The UI layout can be customized by the user, there are 4 panel alignments to choose from.

PrivateWin10 v0.65a Beta changelog:

  • added new program view mode a verbose program tree, that auto enables when the program column ist stretched wider

  • added program context menu

  • added additional program options to the ribbon toolbar

  • added view modes fill screan, full height, full screen

  • dns query log context menu with options to whitelist and blacklist entries

  • double clicking a domain in the whitelist/blacklist view copys it to the entry edit for editing

Download: PrivateWin10 v0.65a Beta | 2.4 MB (Open Source, free for personal use only)
View: PrivateWin10 Home Page