Remote Desktop Connection Manager

In a move that will make systems administrators everywhere rejoice, Microsoft has made good on a promise made in February to bring the Remote Desktop Connection Manager, or rdcman, into the actively supported Sysinternals suite of applications.

If you are not aware, rdcman is a must have for administrators dealing with a lot of different remote connections, especially if they require different sets of connections or connection properties. Google even used it for their Cloud IAP secure remote access infrastructure to get access to Windows Virtual Machines in their Google Cloud Platform until they had to release their own tool.

Rdcman, as important as it has been, has not gotten very active development over the years and has languished as a barely supported application. So when Mark Russinovich promised that it would join Sysinternals that was a big deal to the systems administration community. Today that has become reality with version 2.81 available for download with all the other critical support tools necessary to running Windows at scale.

Source: Microsoft via Daniele Francioni