Last night Microsoft released its latest Windows 11 insider build with version 22000.168 to the Dev and Beta channels. The new build brings plenty of features and changes that you can read about here.

windows 11 tpm 20 requirement

Alongside that, the company also made important announcements regarding a revised CPU support list for the next-gen OS. However, the new list is really short for mainstream consumers as it only really only adds the Core i7-7820HQ Kaby Lake CPU and no AMD Ryzen processor. This may seem a little bizarre as just a week prior to Microsoft's official announcement, Asus had begun rolling out updated Windows 11-compatible firmware for Intel's Z270 series motherboards that are supposed to work fine with Intel's 6th gen (Skylake) and 7th gen (Kaby Lake) CPUs.

Microsoft however is allowing users to install the OS on unsupported hardware too using the Windows 11 ISOs. But there's a catch here. Users who take this route will be notified that their device is running in an unsupported state.

While it wasn't clearly spelled out at the time what the firm exactly meant by this, Microsoft apparently later clarified that such unsupported PCs will also not receive Windows 11 updates, including crucial security ones which are often responsible for fixing dangerous vulnerabilities.

So essentially, anyone who wishes to jump on the Windows 11 train on an unsupported system will have to do so at their own risk as Microsoft seems unwilling to put any effort into supporting such hardware.

Source: The Verge