It is a rare quiet month for Sea of Thieves fans, as Rare's latest update to the game does not carry a dedicated event or gameplay feature, but instead continues the voyages from the previous content update and comes with a range of bug fixes and changes aimed at smoothing over some rough bits. The game received enhancements aimed at the Xbox Series X|S launch recently as well.

The Fate of the Damned events from the previous month will continue on until December 9. Moreover, instead of rotations, the challenges, voyages, and rewards are now available for all players to tackle round the clock. Rare will also be hosting another Gold & Glory Weekend starting from November 27, offering pirates double gold and reputation for the duration.

Treasure Vault voyages have gotten an upgrade too, with a new location being introduced for players to tackle. Pirates can now find a Treasure Vault voyage situated at The Devil’s Roar from the Gold Hoarders at Morrow’s Peak Outpost.

Meanwhile, the Pirate Emporium premium shop has gained a number of new cosmetics, including the Battletoads-inspired ship set for those who missed out on grabbing it through the recent promotion, Forager variants of the Monkey and Parrot pets, an emote bundle involving barrels, weapon pose emotes, new pet outfits, and more.

The Sea of Thieves November update also carries a large number of bug fixes as well as performance improvements. Find them, and known issues, at the complete patch notes page here. Windows 10, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X will see the update weigh in at around 6GB, while Xbox Series S and One S owners will find a 5GB update waiting for them. Steam players will only have to download 3.6GB.