Some AMD PCs are still blocked from receiving today’s Windows 10 Insider build 20175

Microsoft released Windows 10 build 20175 to the Dev channel earlier today. The release today is significant for a lot of users that were stuck with build 20161 – especially those running the builds on computers with AMD processors – as that build expires on July 31 and users are being served warning about the impending expiration. However, while the expiration date in build 20170 was changed to January 31, 2020, that update was blocked for AMD PCs due to a known bug.

While today’s build should be rolling to those AMD PCs that were blocked from receiving the update, finally ridding them of the expiration warnings, users are reporting that the Insider builds have still not begun showing up on Windows Update. The company has acknowledged the issue and has stated that it is working to resolve the problem with AMD PCs not receiving today’s release “like they should”.

To be clear, an expired build does not mean that the OS becomes unusable. However, the warning pop-ups could get annoying with time. If you do want to get rid of the warnings by clean installing today’s build, you can do so by downloading the latest ISO images for build 20175 that was released today. This was not possible before today because there were no ISOs released for builds after 20161. Additionally, the ISOs also help clean install build 20175 for those that switched to the Beta channel.

However, considering that the company has already fixed the blocking bug in today’s release, the wait should not be long before the update is unblocked for all devices. If the fix warrants another build release, the company could also roll out a minor update with a remedy for the block.

Regardless, the article will be updated with further communication from the firm, if it is provided.

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