State of Decay 3 will have zombie deer, coming to Xbox Series X and PC

Undead Labs' next game will be State of Decay 3, with Microsoft unveiling a brand new teaser trailer during its Xbox Games Showcase for the upcoming first-party exclusive title, see it above.

While gameplay was missing from the teaser, we do get some hints at what's going on in the post-apocalyptic zombie world of State of Decay. Some rules seem to be different this time, however, such as loud sounds being a way to 'scare off' predators this time. Moreover, in addition to human zombies – if they are even a thing during the new entry's setting – it looks like players will be facing zombified animals, as the trailer explicitly shows a deer eating a wolf.

A release window for State of Decay 3 was not shared today, but it will be coming to Xbox Series X and Windows PCs. As with other Xbox first-party titles, the title will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one also.

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