Today, Microsoft is rolling out the November 2020 Xbox Console Update, which is available for the entire Xbox One family of consoles, as well as the newer Xbox Series X|S. There are a bunch of new features, many of which are exclusive to the new generation.

If you're a fan of the dynamic backgrounds on the Xbox Series X|S, there's now more of them. They're still exclusive to the new generation. Microsoft says that some of the six new designs are homages to previous generations.

There's now a tag in the Guide to let you know if a game is using Auto HDR. If you're unfamiliar, Auto HDR is basically upscaling SDR content to HDR. Now you'll be able to tell when it's happening.

There's a new X|S badge to games that are optimized for the new generation in My Games and Apps. You can also filter to only see optimized games.

One new feature improves the setup experience, and that lets you add family members. This is for those already using Xbox family settings.

You can finally pre-install new games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass. Obviously, you still have to wait to actually play them, but now you can pre-install like you would be able to if you purchased the game.

And finally, Microsoft is adding the ability to enroll Xbox Series X|S consoles in the Xbox Insider Program. The November 2020 Xbox Console Update is available now.