Welcome to the Pixels Podcast, your weekly video game roundup. Sophia Wood, Chris Travis, and João Carrasqueira talk about all the big video game news from the past week.

The Last of Us Part II spoilers were leaked this week. We go over the truth behind rumors that it was a disgruntled employee who leaked them, as well as the game’s release date. There’s also the newest addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, announced via an eight-hour live stream. Finally, Nintendo accounts were hacked and Epic implemented a temporary two-factor authorization policy.

Here is a list for all the time stamps for all the news stories and segments:

  • 2.22- Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
  • 8.56- The Last of Us Part II Spoilers
  • 15.48- Super Mario Maker 2 Update
  • 22.23- PlayStation Now
  • 35.30- Nintendo Direct Cancelled
  • 43.26- Super Mario 3D World
  • 50.07- Epic Games Store Two-Factor Authorization
  • 53.37- Nintendo Account Hacks
  • 57.68- Rumored Xbox Series X Announcements
  • 1.04.03- This Week on Xbox Game Pass
  • 1.15.36- What We’ve Been Playing This Week

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