The Xbox One X has been removed from Microsoft’s Australian website

Microsoft is planning to launch its latest console, the Xbox Series X, later this year, and being that it's a successor to the Xbox One, it's natural to expect those consoles to be phased out at some point. However, a report by Australian website Press Start (via OnMSFT) suggests that may be happening sooner rather than later.

The Xbox One X seems to have gone missing from Microsoft's Australian website, which now only mentions the Xbox One S and Series X as of the time of writing. Additionally, the Xbox One X has gone missing from Australian retailers such as EB Games and JB Hi-Fi, with both confirming to Press Start that they don't expect new units to arrive.

Over in the United States, Microsoft's website does still list the Xbox One X, but every bundle is apparently out of stock – though, to be fair, the options for the Xbox One S are also pretty scarce. Additionally, some Amazon listings for the Xbox One X indicate that it's discontinued, including the standalone console and the NBA 2K20 bundle.

Since the company is making cross-generational compatibility a big focus for its Xbox consoles, it makes more sense to discontinue older models faster, since you can always get the best experience for the same games on the new hardware. However, Microsoft hasn't given any official indication that it plans to discontinue the Xbox One X so soon, and we've reached out for clarification on the matter.

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