This is a screenshot of the Halo Warthog in the Forza games

Recently, a film starring Ryan Reynolds called Free Guy premiered in theaters. Since Free Guy focuses on video games, the movie was heavily promoted through a partnership with Microsoft. Aside from the Twitter Polls, the company commissioned a life-size Halo Warthog with 1,000 horsepower (HP). The vehicle was heavily showcased at the film's premiere, but today, we got a look at how it was built.

The Warthog is a massive Humvee-like vehicle in the Halo games. It's used to traverse the sandbox levels and features a number of different configurations that can either carry troops or mounted weapons.

Hoonigan is a motorsport-lifestyle brand that made the monster of a machine over a year. Despite its hefty weight, the vehicle can still reach speeds of 100 miles per hour. You'll find more details in the official description below.

We teamed up with Microsoft and Halo to build a real deal Warthog from the all-new Halo Infinite, but of course we added our own spice to it. We took a Ford V8 like the one in the Hoonicorn, added two turbos to it, and made a little over 1,000 HP! But this isn’t a car show pony, it actually rips. With fully functional off-road racing suspension, active 4-wheel steering, our Halo Warthog is a fully capable off-road race truck that can jump, crawl and do everything you expect from an Ultra4 racing vehicle that you’d find at King of the Hammers.

The series will run for 10 short episodes that'll be released every week. If you're a fan of Halo, be sure to check it out on the Hoonigan YouTube channel.

Halo Infinite is launching in December 2021 and it'll be part of Xbox Game Pass at launch. The multiplayer portion of the game is free-to-play.