A Windows 11 screenshot showing the version of the OS

According to an article over on Windows Latest, Microsoft's upcoming OS, Windows 11, could be offered as a free upgrade for users of older Windows versions including Windows 10 and Windows 7 providing their installations have a valid license key.

Those currently on Windows 8 and 8.1 should also be in on this, but it's the users of Windows 7 that are notorious for not wanting to upgrade with many people resisting the offer to upgrade to Windows 10 for free back in 2015. However, Windows 7 aficionados might feel less inclined to stick to their guns now that support has officially ended, and even Nvidia will stop supplying the OS with drivers beginning October 2021.

There are of course a lot of incentive for Microsoft to offer free upgrades including having fewer versions of Windows to support and having more customers using the built-in Microsoft Store, where Microsoft has had some success with their integrated Game Pass recently. Hopefully, we will know more at the event that Microsoft will hold at June 24. In the meantime, check out our slew of pictures from that beta version to form your own opinion of how it looks.