This is a screenshot of Pac-Man on mobile devices

Xbox 360 gamerpics were quite popular when they came out around 15 years ago, and many Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S customers are still using them. Recently, Twitter user Gabriel Roland pointed out that his Pac-Man Ghost avatar was displayed in an odd way on newer consoles. Luckily, Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie took notice and fixed it.

In a series of tweets, Eden goes about detailing the exact changes she implemented in order to make the Xbox 360 gamerpics more aesthetically pleasing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The process is quite fascinating and entertaining, to say the least. You should check out the entire thread.

Additionally, the Xbox 360-gamerpic update is now live for Alpha – Skip Ahead Xbox Insiders according to a new post on Xbox Wire. If you're still using an Xbox 360 gamerpic, be sure to check it out if you're part of the program. Alpha – Skip Ahead users are the first to receive new features, and the updates usually include a host of issues. If you're tempted to join this ring, be sure to keep that in mind.