A Halo wallpaper on The Frame

Samsung has announced that it has been working with Microsoft to bring the ‘Xbox Through The Years’ artwork to its Frame TV which displays artwork when it’s switched off. The new collection of ‘iconic gaming artwork’ is now available for download through The Frame Art Store.

After downloading the ‘Xbox Through The Year’ pack from The Frame Art Store, you’ll be able to view artwork from a range of popular games including the Halo and BioShock series. Each piece of artwork takes advantage of the 4K resolution on the display and the lifelike colours so each piece of work should look great.

Discussing the new works of art, Grace Dolan, VP of Home Entertainment Integrated Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, said:

“We’re proud to introduce the first-ever curated gaming collection in The Frame’s Art Store and invite Frame owners to show it all off in exceptional QLED picture quality. The Frame is designed to let you share who you are and what you love—and our latest collaboration with Xbox gives gamers the chance to continue doing just that.”

The new pack of art is free to download for anyone with a Samsung Frame TV. If gaming artworks aren’t your cup of tea, there are more than 1,400 other works of art available to download across many different styles. Samsung sells the 2020 edition of The Frame for $600 while the newer 2021 edition will set you back $1000.