Today, Microsoft announced that your Xbox Live account can now hook into your Reddit account, adding to the various other social network integrations that are available. The company didn't actually say what you'll be able to do with this new integration, only that it's "increasingly important" to be able to link accounts between various social networks.

Once you link your account, you'll be subscribed to the /r/XboxInsiders subreddit automatically. You'll also get a new trophy on your Reddit account, and you'll have the option of displaying your Reddit account on your Xbox profile and profile card.

Microsoft did outline some of the things that you can do with other social network integrations that it offers. For example, you can use integrations with Facebook and Steam to find your friends on Xbox Live. You can also use the Discord integration to share your Xbox One presense.

In order to link the accounts, you'll need the latest Windows 10 update and the Xbox (Beta) app. Once you have those, you can use the app to sign up.